Transforming Roofing: The In-Roof Solar System of Tomorrow

We’re excited to present our state-of-the-art in-roof solar system – a blend of elegance, efficiency, and forward-thinking design. This groundbreaking offering seamlessly integrates solar panels, inverters, and batteries, providing an all-inclusive answer to embracing renewable energy effortlessly.

Our dedication to ethical principles shines throughout the entirety of the production journey. Adhering to the SA8000 standard and holding BRE certification, our in-roof solar system guarantees that you’re not just tapping into clean energy but also endorsing socially conscious manufacturing practices.

Experience the seamless integration of our system with all Wienerberger roof tiles, ensuring a trouble-free installation process directly onto the roof battens. In just a matter of minutes per panel, your residence will be adorned with a contemporary and visually pleasing solar solution that excels not only in appearance but also in performance.

Furthermore, our in-roof solar package is meticulously designed to facilitate adherence to Part L building regulations, while also preemptively adapting new homes for the impending Future Homes Standard set for 2025. This guarantees that your investment will not only yield benefits in the present but will also be in harmony with the eco-friendly construction benchmarks of the future.

Welcome simplicity and sustainability into your life. Embrace the oncoming era with our exceptional in-roof solar system – establishing a fresh paradigm for modern roofing. This is solar innovation made effortlessly accessible.

Introducing All-Inclusive Solar Roofing Solutions – Catering to All Your Solar Roof Requirements

Experience the groundbreaking concept of in-roof solar technology, where solar panels harmoniously meld with the roof structure, metamorphosing it into an efficient solar powerhouse. This advanced solar innovation not only provides exceptional energy production but also establishes a fresh benchmark for contemporary roofing standards. Crafted to tackle the present and future hurdles encountered by home constructors, builders, property holders, and residents, alike.

If you’re feeling uncertain about how to start with the specification and installation of solar panels, our team of in-house specialists is available to provide you with expert guidance. Enhance the effectiveness of your in-roof solar system by collaborating with our well-informed professionals. They will assist you in choosing the most appropriate components for your unique project, guaranteeing compatibility and peak efficiency. Additionally, you can depend on our technical assistance and installation advice, giving you support every step of the way. Count on our proficiency to help you make informed decisions for your in-roof solar venture.

What are the Advantages of In-Roof Solar Panels?

Tested & Approved

  • In-roof solar is MCS accredited at 15° pitch.
  • Independently tested for wind resistance, weatherproofing (BRE.MCS 012) and fire safety (BROOF [t4]).
  • The interlocking system provides protection from the elements, with a shingled design mimicking traditional roof tiles.

Simple to Install

  • Easier to install than other conventional on roof and in roof systems.
  • Panel to panel connection is less than 1 minute.
  • Simple panel to panel connection guides the installer in to the correct position by simply pushing the panels together.
  • No specialist equipment is required.


  • In-roof solar panels are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • A combination of strength and simplicity – each panel weighs only 8.95kg.
  • In-roof solar can be installed or removed in under one minute per panel.
  • Interlocking design provides superior strength and wind rating.

Small Number of Parts

  • Thanks to its interlocking design the in-roof solar solution provides an easy and fast installation.
  • Minimal number of parts in comparison to other systems on the market.
  • Single lapped design, which mimics roof tiles. The timeless character of the traditional tiled roof is maintained and future-proofed.
  • No individual panel flashing is required due to interlocking design.

Our team of installation experts, accredited by MCS, will flawlessly execute your project, ensuring the perfect installation and comprehensive testing of your in-roof solar panels.

In-roof Solar Brochure Download

Gain access to our brochure for a wealth of comprehensive details encompassing electrical performance, thermal characteristics, operational conditions, and packaging specifics.