Tiling And Slating

Tiling & Slating

Roof tiles and slates offer you a range of different colours, patterns and materials to choose from. The tiles themselves are made from concrete or clay and can be flat, or can be shaped for decorative purposes, or to allow the tiles to interlock. Slate roofs are made from a naturally occurring type of rock which is usually grey, although it does also occur in other colours such as purple or green!

Lee and the team at Morris Roofing have many years of experience using slate, concrete, and clay tiles, working on many different projects over the years, from covering a small porch area, roofing a new extension to your home, or fitting it with a completely new roof. With skills developed from thorough training as well as years of experience, we can solve any type of roofing problem you may have. Whether it’s a simple slipped tile or a full re-roof, we are happy to help.

We always make sure to use the best quality products in the business to ensure your roof withstands the elements for years to come. We want your roof to last and not need replacing again too soon! Whether we are dealing with a basic roof repair or a larger job, we ensure the job is carried out thoroughly and professionally.

Expert Knowledge And Service
Variety of projects such as Chatsworth house, churches and listed buildings.
10 Year Pitch Roof and 20 Year Flat Roof Guarantee
Trading Standards Approved
Great Quality From Workers You Can Trust
All our workers are NVQ level trained and receive continuous health and safety training.

Examples of our tiling and slating work