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pantile roof in stagsden


A pantile is a type of fired roof tile, usually made from clay, which gives them a natural colour that will not fade over time. The tile is has an ’s’ shape cross section which gives the roof a distinctive flowing appearance. It is single course, which means the tile laps one course below, as opposed to a flat tile which normally laps two. They are a classically elegant roof tile and make a beautiful roof. Pantile roofs are considerably lighter than flat tile equivalents and can be laid to a lower pitch.

Pantiles are a legacy of several centuries of trading, where clay pantiles were originally first brought over from Holland and Belgium as ballast in trading ships, returning to ports such as Ipswich and Hull, their popularity spread quickly across the country.

This example of our work in Stagsden shows what a great finish a pantile roof can give a building, giving it a classic, timeless appearance that will stay looking great for years to come. Morris Roofing offers only top quality service from start to finish, giving you the confidence that our work will last!

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